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Oscar Mendoza - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar
Jake Pauly - Guitars
Mikey Lapinski - Drums


released May 12, 2017

Tracked, Mixed, and Masterd by Will Maravelas at 14:59 studios
Cover art by Joe Vaughan



all rights reserved


The Home Stretch Chaska, Minnesota


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Track Name: Reach
I heard a shout from far away
"Oh no don't look at me, I've seen better days"
What has this all meant what has this come to?
I found you by the pavement bummed and quite confused

Dear old friend, where are you?
I've knocked a thousand times and I paid my fucking dues
I'll cut this black out of my life
'Cause that's the only way that I will mentally survive

This is what I strive for they say it's out of reach
I guess I'll live my life for me and then we'll see where I'll be
Track Name: Drought
The clock keeps ticking but she still sounds boring
And I can't seem to put you in the space that's in-between
I know Wisconsins boring but mon lit a vu une secheresse
They think they know it all, I don't think they think at all

'Cause it came then it went then it went then it came
You admit there's no problem I see you save face
'Cause she came then she went then she went then she came

Handcuffed by my dreams while they just roam freely
So hard on myself that's why I tread lightly
I noticed there's more marks on my wall why is yours so dry?
When she thinks you're all around, I can't seem to fuck somehow
But lately, all the fakest people line outside the door begging for riches but shit is that they won't even work for it

'Cause it came then it went then it went then it came
You admit there's no problem I see you save face
'Cause she came then she went then she went then she came

I turned over the stone I can't find what I wrote
In your head long ago when I broke every bone
I heard you tell a lie off the bat the first time
You come back then you go, can't keep up I won't loath
And it all goes to show don't come back dust it off I let go
Track Name: Passion
Don't understand why some people don't move
I got this passion and the rhythm runs through
I'm speaking truth, fuck speaking solitude
Gotta get some air and let gravity take the rest
Don't understand why some people don't grove
After she left then my solace came through
We're toe to toe with emotions at hand
She'll always hit me up "are you out?" then run again
Pump Up the Valuum, Start Today I got The Chronic spinning in my room
Grab the gear head to Chicago, maybe I'll meet a punk chick with bright pink hair?

I don't mind being alone
I don't mind being stuck on 212 and listen to my radio
I think that you should go runaway and escape all your boundaries
You build up fences and hide behind insecurities

Can't slip can't hesitate I had my mother tell me something that was kind of late
She said "I should've had another and that other was your brother so keep staying true"
Head on straight, no loose ends
Fuck any noise 'cause I'm here to stay I'll leave my mark on a scene and there's nothing you can say

Passion, lives on